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Dance of Shadows

Dance of Shadows (Dance of Shadows, #1)

Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black

DISCLAIMER: I received Dance of Shadows as a publisher ARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Rating: 1 Star

I cannot say I enjoyed Dance of Shadows.

The immature dialogue, the unimpressive world building, the annoying teenage attitude, the overbearing parental figures, and the lack of character depth added together makes me wonder how this ever got a publisher’s attention. Not to mention the secret-but-not-really-a-secret we’ve got going on. At 1% into it, I dreaded reading the rest of this novel.

I am completely unimpressed with this novel.

Here is what I have put together:

1. The book has all of the standard crap that makes a crappy high-school novel crappy;
-twin-like friends
-roommate best friend
-super obviously gay guy friend
-super hot popular guy who’s into main character
-super evil popular bitch who is dating said popular guy
-the black friend
-the girly friend
-the tomboy friend
-the hot teacher

2. The book is riddled with inconsistencies. In just the first quarter of the book, I have a list of stupid little things that just didn’t make sense. It makes the scenes that much harder to imagine, like the author didn’t really care about what she was writing.

Example: At 18% Steffie is said to have chain earrings. At 21% Steffie ‘turned one of her hoop earrings absentmindedly’. Same setting, same scene, not time to change her earings. (Also, why is the author so obsessed with Steffie’s earrings?)

3. The book is bogged down with useless crap that no reader cares about. I don’t care if Steffie reaches up to touch her earring, I don’t CARE if TJ adjusted the strap of her high heeled sandal as she climbed the stairs, I DON’T CARE IF BLAINE BUMPED INTO AN EMPTY SEAT!

It feels like it is wasting my time.

4. The POV is confusing and irritating. It’s hard to remember it’s a 3rd person perspective when reading through it, you get confused as to who Vanessa is when you feel like it should be 1st person.

I gave it a shot, but it just wasn’t an enjoyable book to me.

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