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Glamour (Rae Wilder, #1)

Glamour by Penelope Fletcher

My Rating: 1 Star

*WARNING* I use what might be considered offensive language in this review, buyer beware.

Glamour starts with Rae, a super awesome fast runner, absolutely gorgeous, better at everything than everyone, chick who is studying to kill demons. She breaks out of the protective walls through a hole that mysteriously appeared right in front of her (umm ok.) and takes a run in the woods, where demons and evil stuff lives.
Sounds like a plan.
After running into some clerics (demon hunters) who were killing a fairy (ugly green skin, fire-truck red hair, doesn’t sound attractive) she books it away from them. Dogs appear (?) and chase her and she is magically a gajillion miles ahead of them, or at least far enough ahead to have an entire meet and greet conversation (and make out session) with sexy demon Breandan (whom she just met). Chaos ensues.

I enjoyed the first chapter of this book because the writing was so natural. I felt like I was actually in Rae’s head. That didn’t last.

I must point out, the entire novel takes place in one day. ONE DAY. And it’s not like a little amount happens. We’ve already had mountain after mountain attack Rae. This girl would not be in one piece (literally, she would have fallen apart by now. Body parts everywhere.)

When I set out on a book planning to review it, I usually take notes to assist my review later. I didn’t have to do that with this book. It annoyed me so badly that I remember everything I thought was wrong with it.

This book has too much in it. I find myself sighing with frustration because it’s just one thing after another. Give her a break! Give me a break. I’m so sick of all of this stuff happening all at once, it’s exhausting.

And absolutely nothing has been pointed out as to why Rae is so goddamn special. It’s confusing, and frustrating, and quite frankly, the writing sucks.

The character development is non-existent and contradictory. When Rae first meets Ed- sorry, Tomas (her vampire bang buddy)she describes him with a bowl haircut. A BOWL. She even says he wasn’t remotely attractive.
The next chapter, she comments on how she’s run into 3 SUPER-OMG-I-WOULD-SO-DO-HIM-EVEN-THOUGH-NO-ONE-HAS-EVER-EVEN-TOUCHED-ME-BEFORE guys, Breandan, Devlin, and… Tomas? WTF. A bowl. Remember that.

The only character I even remotely liked was Rae’s best friend, Alex. And my reasoning for that? She was described to look something like this.

Yes, Rae’s best friend is Avril. True story.

You know those character descriptions that most books have, you know, to help you picture and relate to the characters? Fletcher apparently doesn’t need those.

Those moments when you’re reading a book, and you just want to do this to it?

Maybe I have anger issues. But that probably wouldn’t be a good idea for me anyways because I’m reading this book mainly on my tablet. Don’t want to smash that…

Moving on…..

Rae eventually meats Breandan (who, it turns out, is sort of a prince)’s brother, Lochlann. Lochlann is the only person in this entire book who doesn’t like Rae. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MS. FLETCHER. THANK YOU.

But… but how dare he not like Rae? She’s perfect! (Although we don’t know why) Everyone loves her! Everyone wants to have steamy make-out sessions with her next to dead bodies. EVERYONE.

You know what we call girls who make-out with three guys in one day (albeit, one 3 hour time slot) in current day Massachusetts? A whore. I said it, Rae Wilder is a giant, flaming, whore. Pardon my Klingon.
(If there are any prostitutes out there who are offended by my review than I apologize)

Then there was the romance. Rae “bonded” to Breandan, which was some sort of undying love pact that they can’t control. But she was also in love with Tomas. Let me remind you, she met both of these boys today. And now she can’t possibly live without either of them.

Honestly, I think if the end of this series ended with Rae waking up in an insane asylum, it would make SO MUCH MORE SENSE. I mean, what sane person lets a demon stay in her room when she’s been conditioned her whole life to fear them.

I really liked it in the beginning but now I detest it. I just want this book to be out of my life, but obviously not badly enough to put it on my ‘abandoned’ shelf. As if the facts that all of the novels in this series were published mere months apart wasn’t hint enough not to bother.

I have never rated a book so low unless it was FSOG or Twilight, where I was personally offended by the events that occurred in the books. This is upsetting to me.


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