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The Best of all Possible Worlds

The Best of all Possible Worlds by Karen Lord

DISCLAIMER: I received The Best of all Possible Worlds as a publisher ARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Rating:4.5 Stars

I have to say, The Best of all Possible Worlds may be the breakthrough novel of it’s time.

With a slow start, this book shoots forward with a booming magnetism, embodied in beautiful writing and exquisite world building. As soon as the plot begins rolling, you are dragged into this exhorbent love story between two unlike beings in a scientific future.

In the aftermath of their home world being destroyed, a human race must reorganize and rebuild while avoiding infringement of the hospitality of the world they have chosen to inhabit. Our story follows Delarua, an assistant biotechnition with an affinity for languages, who is assigned to be the Sadiri’s liaison to the citizens of Cygnus Beta. They set out on a journey to find taSadiri descendents so to help rebuild this forsaken race’s bloodline.

The depth that Lord delves to better help the reader understand the world she has created is breathtaking. You are drawn into the novel with a fervor of which is hard to come by. I haven’t experienced world building such as this since I read the Lord of the Rings many, many, years ago.

Sociology is a large basis of the story, experiencing the social aspects of how these different versions of human society react. The characters, at times, impress distress over a misunderstanding of each other’s social norms. In a way, the novel is comical in how we get to envision firsthand, the thought process that comes to understand another’s social patterns.

The Best of all Possible Worlds is thick in plot development and character growth. If it is any indication, I hope to read many more electrifying builds from Karen Lord.

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