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The Testing

The Testing (The Testing, #1)

The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

DISCLAIMER: I received The Testing as a publisher ARC through Houghton Mifflin in exchange for my honest review.

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My Rating: 4 Stars

The Testing follows Cia, a bright young girl, when she embarks on The Testing, a series of trials designed to weed out the weak. By finishing The Testing, Cia can go on to the University and become one of the country’s next leaders.

This book will remind you of the Hunger Games, but there are some key differences. If I had to compare it, I’d say it is a mix between The Hunger Games and The Scorch Trials with a hint of Divergent.

Charbonneau does a great job of keeping The Testing separate from other dystopian novels. Yes, it has the same plot line as a lot of others, but when you actually read the book, you get a different feel for the characters and trials as with other books.

Cia was an interesting character. I’m not sure if I liked her, she did seem a bit weak. When it came down to it, Cia was not someone who could kill another human being. However, she had her wits about her, she kept a level head in hard situations and always thought the best about people. Tomas, however, annoyed me. Cia is supposed to trust him unconditionally because he loves her, but I never got that feel from him. Saying something and actually feeling something are two very different things and I just didn’t get that feeling from Tomas.

The writing in this book was very well done. Things were well explained and while interesting things were expanded on, no time was wasted on the boring parts. My only issue with the writing was that there seemed to be too much of it. I found myself easily distracted while reading and ended up reading the same paragraphs multiple times. There was too much to read about each thing and it overdescribed the novel.

This was a good read, it was slow to start, but after the first hundred or so pages, it was hard to put down. I would say if you try it and are having trouble, keep going, give it about half the book before you put it down.

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