The Title Page is a book review blog with a focus on YA Fiction, Dystopian Fiction, and Science Fiction.

ARC Tours


Reviewers are allowed to hold the book for 1 week from the date they received it. They must email when they have received and sent out the book along with the tracking numbers.
All shipping fees are the responsibility of the reviewers.You are not obligated to post a review of the book, but if you do, please send us a link to your blog page.

Any reviewer who hold a Tour book for more than the allotted time will be banned from future tours as well as the tours of affiliated blogs including Goodreads.

You must supply a review blog as reference. Goodreads account, Amazon accounts, and Barnes and Noble accounts will not be accepted.

The Title Page ARC Tours are within the US only.

Terms are subject to change at any time.

Please do not mark up or dog-ear the book in any way.

Please be respectful of the book and other reviewers, and most of all… have fun!

We do not currently have any ARC Tours running at this time.


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