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Fragments (Partials, #2)Fragments by Dan Wells

Rating: 2 Stars

So, we have a really popular book. Great reception, awesome cover, everyone seemed to love it. What do we do to boost the fame? Write a mediocre sequel, but here’s the kicker….. USE THE SAME EXACT COVER! Woah! Amazing! I mean, of course, we can’t use the EXACT SAME THING, so lets add another person in there, and change up the skyline a bit. WINNING!

This book was so badly thought out and researched, I want to cry out in anger… “Why, Dan Wells? Why take a great read like Partials and continue it like this?!”
I hate it when sequels ruin the first novel of a series. It happened in Rot and Ruin, it happened in Delirium, and it happened here.

This book is Boring (with a capital B). I wanted to rip my hair out reading it. The only thing that kept me going was pointing out every little inconsistency in my head. I want to make a prediciton. Dan Wells lives/lived in or near Manhattan. He has traveled to Chicago… hmm… maybe, once?

This book follows Kira and Samm and some other empty shells of people on their journey to Chicago from Manhattan, and then on to Denver. They ride horse. Yes, horses! A topic that so many YA authors and readers are super interested in and have tons of knowledge about. So maybe, Dan, maybe could you have researched the topic a bit? Too much trouble? Oh, ok. So they ride these horse (which apparently don’t act or require sustenance like present day horses) and eventually end up in a flooded Chicago, looking for one single database on one single computer in one single office in one single building in one single gigantic city. And what powers computers? Go figure. There hasn’t been power on the grid in 10 years, but, hey, they’ll figure it out as they go. Oh, and apparently you can extend walkie-talkie distance a thousand miles just by connecting some solar panels to some radio antennae! Woe is me, that’s just golly amazing!

I digress. I hated this book, because I hated what it did to the series. I don’t believe it’s a truly awful book, it just ruined so many things from me. Also, I have bald spots from pulling my own hair out throughout the novel.

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